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Brick and Block Making Machines supplied by Birkenmayer SA

Leading Southern African brick and block making machine supplier, Birkenmayer, has over 50 years' experience in the block and brick making industry, providing the building materials and concrete production sector with reputable, robust, easy-to-operate, cost-effective and efficient brick and block making solutions.

Birkenmayer's brick and block making equipment is ideally suited to customers in a variety of sectors, including brick and block making plants, entrepreneurs, NGOs, DIY builders and concrete brick and paving manufacturers.

Birkenmayer provides brick and block making solutions for small and medium to large production plants.

Brick making and Block making machine features :

  • SABS quality-approved brick and blocks can be manufactured on all our machine sizes

  • World class vibrating technology

  • Consistent results in every brick or block making batch

  • Impressive, high-quality brick making output

  • Ease of operation

  • A robust brick and block frame design

  • Ability to manufacture a variety of masonry products with one brick making machine

  • Quality brick and block production results

Brick making and Block making machine manufacture :

  • Maxi bricks

  • Stock bricks

  • Hollow Bricks

  • Rectangular Bricks

  • Interlocking pavers

Brick making and Block making machines specifications :

  Model HB14 Brick Making Machine
  Model HB33 Brick Making Machine
  Model HB48 Brick Making Machine
  Model HB68 Brick Making Machine

Need help choosing
the right brick & block
making machine for
your application?

HB14 brick making machine   Medium and large brick making machine
Brick & Block making
for small production plants
Brick & Block making
machines for medium & large
production plants
Birkenmayer's HB14 brick manufacturing machine is suitable for SABS-approved hollow brick and block making, and maxi brick making applications.

The HB68, HB48, and HB33 block machines are ideal for high volume, stock brick and block making applications, and pavers for roads, pavements or driveways.


Our experts will be happy to advise you on a brick or block making machine that suits your requirements!
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Block and brick making machines for small and large brick and block production runs

Birkenmayer's small HB14 production brick manufacturing machine, previously known as the VBO block making machine, is ideal for first-time entrants in the market. Birkenmayer also manufactures a medium to large block and brick manufacturing machine, the HB68, which replaced the VB6, for established building material manufacturers and concrete production companies.

Block and brick making equipment output capacity

Birkenmayer brick making equipment produces high quality bricks with impressive output capacities ranging from 10 000, to 120 000 bricks per eight hour shift. Birkenmayer brick and block making machines are all capable of producing SABS-approved bricks and blocks, built to last and simple to operate, ensuring a quality-consistent batch every production run on the block and brick machine.

Brick and block making machines for South Africa

All brick and block making machines feature a locally built, robust frame design and vibration technology that ensure low maintenance costs and impressive durability with block making applications. This allows you to continue producing quality bricks, without worrying about decreased production caused by unnecessary downtime and expensive parts.

Birkenmayer provides complete batching and product handling solutions to various industries where cement or industrial mixers are used, including cement feed and weighing, weigh batching, manual and automatic pallet handling systems, cubing stations and electric controls

Do you need additional support?

Birkenmayer backs its brick and block making machines with frequent courtesy visits to customer sites to provide technical advice and keep customers updated with developments.

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